Grace Oasis Ministries was first begun in 1993 as a vehicle for the ministry of pastor, evangelist and teacher Charles C. Morrow, Jr. (known simply as Pastor Charles with the married name of Charles Curtiss Burnett-Morrow as of Oct 10, 2015).  Since then it has evolved into a vision for a fellowship of like minded men and women who together seek to impact their world and the LGBT Christian communities with the power of God and a massive revival of renewal and restoration!  If you are seeking support, encouragement and godly oversight, Grace Oasis Ministries may be the vehicle for you.

For too long the emphasis in ministry within the LGBT Affirming Christian movement has been on form and fashion rather than substance, integrity, and ethics.  Grace Oasis Ministries invites leaders in the LGBT Affirming Apostolic/Pentecostal movement to step up higher. NOW is the time to get serious and passionate about the work of God! Now is the time to pursue a real move of God that will impact our world in such a way that no one will be able to deny it is a move genuinely born of God!  We can do it!  We can do it today! We can do it together!

Take a look through this website and see if this ministry is something which you might wish to join.  Weigh the future of your life, ministry, and your walk with God in the balances.  Ask yourself, "Will my journey and the journey I seek to lead others on be enhanced and bettered by my association with this ministry?"  I believe after prayerful consideration, you too will come to the conclusion, Yes, yes it will!  Click here to read a full description of Grace Oasis Ministries and what we plan to do!

If you are an individual who seeks to be part of a fellowship of progressive Christian believers, you too may become part of what we are doing!  Just click here to apply to join Grace Oasis Ministries as an individual member.  It costs NOTHING, and the benefits of the friendships, fellowship, encouragement, enlightenment, and inspiration that you will find through this fellowship are priceless!
Apostolic Overseer,
Rev Charles Curtiss

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