Grace Oasis Ministries was originally born of the vision Pastor Charles Curtiss received from the Lord in 1993 for a powerful Apostolic-Pentecostal  outreach to the LGBT communities.  After several years of personal struggle, trying to reconcile his faith with his human condition (his sexual orientation being but one small part of his overall human condition), Pastor Charles finally surrendered to the Lord and returned to the church and ministry and began what is today known as Grace Oasis Ministries.  In the beginning of his new work, he had no idea that any kind of LGBT Affirming Pentecostal ministries, groups, or organizations existed.  When he did finally discover some of these groups, he happily reached out for fellowship, only to find that the existing groups were either deceitful in their representation of who and what they were, or they were very cliquish and arrogant, more interested in celebrating personalities, past denominational affiliations and achievements, or just plain careless in matters of personal conduct, ethics, and integrity.  So, for many years now he has stood firm in his convictions and remained independent of any LGBT Affirming affiliations.  This is not because he feels himself any better than others, but rather because he seeks affiliations that will challenge him and his ministry to be better, live better, do better, and serve better!  You cannot get such results from a group which holds no such goals or desires as their vision.

Today Grace Oasis Ministries is reaching out to others in the LGBT Apostolic-Pentecostal community who seek fellowship, support, encouragement, guidance, and the benefit of Pastor Curtis's many years in ministry, both mainstream and LGBT affirming.  We do not seek to build a denomination, but rather to facilitate effective, empowered, godly ministry throughout the LGBT communities worldwide.

Pastor Charles has been engaged now for over two decades in extensive Internet outreach and evangelism.  His ministry is known and followed by people from around the world.  He regularly receives invitations to preach in locations all over the globe.  We receive feedback from pastors and saints the world over expressing the deep appreciation that many feel for the teaching, preaching, and inspiration that Pastor Charles' ministry has offered online now for so many years.  This man's ministry is fully documented and demonstrated online.  Unlike so many of the LGBT Affirming church and religious organizations one can find online, Pastor Charles is able to say, "Look at the work I have been doing.  See what I have done, hear what I have said, read what I have written, and judge for yourself if I am anyone you would like to associate with in the work of God."

Pastor Charles serves as the Apostolic Overseer of Grace Oasis Ministries and has done so now for some 22 years.  He believes that godly humility is imperative to effective ministry and therefore only uses this title as it relates to the business of Grace Oasis Ministries.  As he frequently is heard to say, "All I ask you to address me as is brother."  No titles are necessary.  We do not seek to elevate or glorify anyone but the Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone.

Grace Oasis Ministries offers a family of like minded fellowship.  In associating or affiliating with this ministry, you are not joining a denomination, but rather an association.  We will strive to provide every possible tool necessary to help you minister as empowered and effectively as you possibly can.  Many new and young pastors, evangelists and teachers need guidance, teaching, training, and oversight.  This is what we seek to provide through the vehicle we call Grace Oasis Ministries.  We plan to conduct national, as well as regional, fellowship meetings, training seminars, prayer conferences, and more.  All for the benefit and betterment of God's people and those who have been called to serve them.

As part of the Grace Oasis Ministries team, you will benefit from the massive web outreach we have been able to build over the past two decades.  Your work will be endorsed by this ministry, and as such will be promoted within our websites.  We will help you to learn how to get your ministry listed on various church and LGBT listing sites.  We will even create a website for your ministry so that you too can have a web presence and a 24/7 connection to the community by way of the Internet.  There are many resources that we will be able to share and you will be able to benefit from.  That is our mission!  To help others who believe as we do to do the work of God in as effectual a manner as humanly possible, with the help and grace of God.

So we invite you to sincerely pray about becoming an affiliate (ministries, churches, organizations) or an associate (ministers) with Grace Oasis Ministries.  Let's work together, loving and supporting one another as we ought as children of the most high and living God, to bring souls into the kingdom and to restore the lives and souls of LGBT Christians who have lost their way and fallen out of fellowship with the King of Glory, the Lord Jesus Christ!

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