Pastor Charles was born and raised in the Pentecostal movement and received his call to preach the Gospel at the early age of 8.  He received the baptism of the Holy Ghost at a very early age as well.  Pastor Charles has benefited from the ministries and examples of many great men of God. At the age of 12, Pastor Curtis's' calling was confirmed prophetically by the world renown Pentecostal preacher, Dr. C.M. Ward.  At the age of twelve, young Charles began a children's ministry, teaching and entertaining as JiG-Gil (Jesus is God - God is love) the Gospel clown, which was very well received throughout Pentecostal churches in Southern New England.  He conducted children's crusades, Vacation Bible Schools, and youth evangelistic meetings during which many young people received the gift of the Holy Ghost.  His pastor at that time, Bro John Harmon, thought so much of his children's ministry that he appointed Charles as the director of the Children's Church program in his home church.  He also ministered weekly in two nursing homes on behalf of this church during this same period of time and he continues to love and faithfully serve in nursing home ministry to this day, conducting weekly church services in a Dallas nursing home every Sunday afternoon for nearly five years now.

In response to the leading of the Lord, sixteen year old Charles moved to Texas.  He initially stayed with a great aunt and uncle in Fort Worth, eventually finding a place for himself in a nearby apartment.  During this time Charles became involved with the Riverside Church of God (Cleveland, TN) in Fort Worth.  His time with this great church proved a great training ground for his future pastoral ministry.  To this day he considers pastor  J.T. Gilliam as one of his most valuable and memorable ministry mentors. 

At the age of nineteen, after going through a ministerial internship program in the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) he began working as a church planter and started two churches on behalf of this fine organization.  His subsequent churches have all been independent, non-denominational ministries.  He has done a good deal of evangelistic work and has ministered throughout the country, preaching in various denominational and non-denominational churches across America  (UPC, PAW, ALJC, A/G, C/G, C/G of Prophecy, COGIC, AME, etc).  He has served as a pastor in communities in his home state of Connecticut (twice), Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York City, and Texas (three times).  He hopes and plans to remain in Dallas until the Lord calls him home or the trump of God blows.

Pastor Charles knows the pain and anguish of wrestling with deep ceded issues of a personal nature that cause one to feel unworthy of God's love and acceptance.  In 1989 he finally decided to live honestly and "came out" as a gay man.  He had not lived secretly as a gay man, but he always knew this issue was a very real part of his life that he simply could not face.  After years of wrestling, praying, fasting, and begging God for deliverance from what he perceived as a demonic oppression, Charles finally decided this was not an issue that could be "healed," so he left the church and his relationship with the Lord behind to pursue his life honestly.  For three years the Lord continued over and over again to speak to Charles' heart.  He spoke of the reality of grace and of His unbridled love for anyone who believes in Him and places their faith in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  So, after years of struggling to reconcile his sexuality with his faith in Christ, Charles returned to the Lord and once again found himself actively engaged in ministry.  In 1993 the Lord called Charles into a whole new type of ministry and since that time he has been engaged in what is commonly referred to as Affirming ministry.  Affirming ministry accepts ALL who seek the comfort and fellowship of God's church, without judgment or condemnation.  Affirming ministries believe that God understands, embraces, and accepts all who seek to know and serve Him sincerely.  Therefore, it is the objective and mission of Affirming churches to help all people, including and particular members of the LGBT communities, to find healing, reconciliation, acceptance, and affirmation.

Pastor Charles' calling and gifts enable him to assist believers with a sincere desire to walk in the power of God to do so, and to do so with great blessing, victory and joy.  His greatest emphasis is always on the need for God's people to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost and to walk in the perfect will of God.  This, he reminds us continually, is the path to victory and blessing.  Pastor Charles is in many ways old fashioned, believing in the need for a hands on pastor who is fully accessible to the people of God. He is happy to minister in member's homes, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.  Please do not hesitate to call upon him should you require pastoral care, counseling, teaching,  or encouragement.  Our pastor believes that God's people ought to be faithfully and compassionately shepherded and not just herded as they are in so many of the modern mega-churches in our world today.

Pastor Charles has been in a loving and committed relationship with his life partner, Tommy, since December of 2001.  They plan to be legally joined together in October 2015.

Pastor Charles is a natural leader.  He believes that godly leadership begins first by living an example.  He also operates in the prophetic, and as such he believes that there are areas that leadership must address, no matter how sensitive or difficult, if the church is to function at it's best.  He does not shy away from addressing any issue that requires attention.  He is an encourager and teacher at heart, so he is happy to help any man or woman in ministry who is in need of being inspired or instructed.  He does not ask anyone to follow him, but rather makes himself available as a guide and mentor.  He seeks only to lead those whom the Lord would have him to lead.  Denomination building is not his interest.  Kingdom building is his only motivation.
Bro Charles Nurnett-Morrow
Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher
Bro Charles In the pulpit of his second church at the age of 21,
Bro Charles as JiG-Gil the Gospel Clown, which was his first ministry begun at the age of 12
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