1. GOD - We believe in ONE God, Creator of the world and Father of all mankind.  God is manifest as the Father in creation, the Son in redemption, and the Holy Ghost in regeneration; and these three are one.   Deuteronomy 6:4; Ephesians 4:4-6; Colossians 2:9; I Timothy 3:16.

2. JESUS CHRIST - We believe the man Jesus Christ was "the only begotten Son of God," the physical manifestation of God Almighty.  Jesus Christ was born of a virgin named Mary, lived a sinless life, manifested His divinity through healings and miraculous, supernatural works; died by crucifixion, and was literally, physically raised up (resurrected) from the dead three days afterwards by the power of God.  Isaiah 7:14;  Isaiah  9:6;  Luke  1:21-31;  John  1:1-4;   Acts  2:22-24;  John  14:6-12.

3. THE BIBLE - We believe the Holy Bible is singularly and alone the written Word of God, and is the only authority and source of truth for the church as it relates to doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness. II Timothy 3:15-17;   II Peter  1:16-21;  Ephesians  3:1-6. 

4. SIN & THE GOSPEL - We believe that all humanity is born into a sinful state and can only be saved through obedience (based upon faith) to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Psalm  51:5;  Romans  1:12;  II Thessalonians  1:3-12;  John 3:15-18;  Mark  16:15-16.    

5. FULL SALVATION - We believe that God has provided the means for salvation by grace.  Mankind has done nothing to deserve or earn the gift of God which was Jesus Christ and the life He offered freely on the cross of Calvary.  All humanity is called to be "Born Again."  This requires that all converts to Biblical Christianity A) repent  (turn from unbelief to belief in God) and embrace by faith the resurrected Christ, B) submit to water baptism "in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins" in response to faith and repentance, as faith without action is dead, being alone (James 3), and C)  that we by faith in God's promise receive the gift of the Holy Ghost Baptism, mandated for all who turn to the Lord in faith for salvation.  The Holy Ghost baptism is evidenced by speaking with other tongues (other, unlearned languages) as the Spirit of the Lord enables, as was the consistent experience of the apostles of Jesus Christ and the early church throughout the biblical Book of Acts. Acts 2:38-39, Mark 16:17-18;  Acts  8:13;  Acts 9:17-18;  Acts 10:42-48; Acts  16:14-15; Acts  18:8;Acts  19:1-7; Romans  6:3; I Corinthians  1:13;  I Corinthians  12:13;  Galatians  3:27-28; I Peter 3:21.     

6. CHRISTIAN LIVING - We believe the Christian life is marked by adherence to the disciplines, principals, and teachings of Jesus Christ and His apostles as articulated in the writings of the New Testament.  Love for the brethren as well as those who are outside the church, church attendance, Bible study, prayer, fasting, personal evangelism, charity, and substantive support of the work of God and His God-called ministers, and Christian fellowship are all indicative of a Christian life.    John  14:15;  John  15:10;  Matthew  7:24-25;  Romans  6:4;  Hebrews 12:14;  Hebrews 10:25;  Acts  2:42-43;  I Thessalonians  5:12-22.

7. INCLUSION - We believe that all sincere seekers are welcome into the Church of Christ without prejudice or preference, regardless of age, race, gender, skin-color, land of origin, sexual orientation, gender identification, profession, or economic status. Grace works for all or it works for none.  All are welcome! Matthew  11:28;  John  6:37;  Romans  12:9;  John  13:35;   Galatians  6:10;  Hebrews  13:2;  Romans  2:1;   James 2:1-7.

8. GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT - We believe that the (nine) gifts of the Holy Spirit, including Divine Healing and Prophecy are present in and essential to the Church of Jesus Christ as evidence of the Lord's resurrection and divinity.   I Corinthians  12:1-9;  I Corinthians  14:1-6;  Romans  12:5-8;  Hebrews  2:14;  Acts   2:17;  Acts 19:6; Mark  16:17-18, 20;  James  5:14-15. 

9. THE RAPTURE - We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is soon to appear to redeem His purchased possession; (the "Rapture" of the church), the Born Again people of God. I Corinthians  15:50-55;   I Thessalonians 4:16-17;   I Thessalanians  5:1-5;  Revelation 20:11-15;  John 14:1-3.

10. The ONENESS OF GOD'S CHURCH - We believe that no one denomination, organization, or body of believers can legitimately claim to be the only true and right church of Jesus Christ.  The true church of Jesus Christ is not defined by man-made boundaries, but is made up of believers and saints from many different Christian groups, organizations, denominations, and unaffiliated (non-denominational) bodies.  The oneness of God's church ought not to be mistaken with the notion of unity.  Unity and oneness are not the same.  One day the full church of the Lord Jesus Christ will be united (in perfect unity) as we are ushered for eternity into God's presence and all is made clear, limited human understanding being left behind and the fullness of the knowledge of God being made known to and perfected in us. Galatians  3:26-28;   Philippains  1:27;  Ephesians  4:11-13.
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